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Growing leaders and athletes of all ages.

Coaches talk to your players about these questions…
Parents as you drive home from the tournament, talk to your kids…
Players be honest with yourself and ask yourself these questions…
Missed church Summer series
In this summer series geared toward athletes and parents, Tennis Commentator, Kondo Simfukwe explores:
  • Is it possible to be a competitive athlete without letting the sport determine my sense of worth?
  • Is it possible to separate the person I am from my performance in the athletic arena?
  • Is it possible to feel successful apart from my scores, stats, and scholarships?
Come along as we chat with high-profile collegiate and professional athletes to hear how they have navigated the balance between performance and identity.
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The Ultimate Hype Man

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SUmmer 2024

Series 1

Featuring a retired MLB player, a Gold medalist, the Oklahoma State University hype-man, a women’s pro soccer player, and a current player from the NBA G-League.

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